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Uhm. Sorry.

Okay! So this is my first Tumblr post on my new account. This is the beginning of what is perhaps my hundredth attempt at Tumblring… or is it just Tumbling? We shall see where this account goes. I was deliberating as to what my first post should be. Kenneth Branagh in all of his yumminess seemed a worthy choice. I mean look at him. What is it about men with no lips? Freaking sexy.

This time, I don’t want to only use Tumblr to explore photos and such. I want it to be an actual blog. I will reblog things I like, but I’ll try to also post updates on my life, thoughts, etc. Not that I really expect anyone to read them… more because it’s just nice to have a life memorabilia some place for me to look at later on. As if Facebook wasn’t enough of a time capsule. 

So anyhoo, I shall use this as a blog of sorts as well as a place to explore photos, videos, etc. Common content will likely include Shakespeare, David Bowie, Kenneth Branagh, LBGT related stuff, music videos, kink (potentially), poetry, etc. Whatever I feel like posting at the time.

And thus Tumblr attempt number three million seventy six…. BEGINS.

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